Home decor


Textiles are one of the most important decorative elements for home and apartment because the fabric is used not only in the production of bed linen and bedspreads, kitchen towels, curtains, curtains, and tablecloths are made from it. When choosing such accessories, you need to pay special attention to their composition. Consider the main materials used in textiles:

  • natural – these include materials such as cotton, linen, wool, and silk. They are ideal for close contact with human skin as they are environmentally friendly and breathable. Of these, towels and other linen for the bedroom are most often made;
  • synthetic – acrylic, polyester, fleece, viscose, and other artificial fibers. They are quite durable, hypoallergenic, and usually less expensive than natural ones. Such fabric is often used in the design of decorative items that complement the interior of the room.

In addition to the composition, it is also important to familiarize yourself with the quality of the product. There are three factors to consider before purchasing:

  1. Sewing. Make sure all corners and joints of the product have straight seams.
  2. Density. The fabric should have a dense base and not show through. A good and durable material will withstand many wash cycles and will serve you for a long time.
  3. Color and smell. Bright colors and a pungent smell may indicate the use of chemical elements, so if you choose a set for a bedroom, check with your consultant in detail about the characteristics of the product.

Knowing this information, you can pick up really good products for your home, but after purchasing and in the process of further operation, do not forget to look at the manufacturer’s tag. It lists the ideal conditions for washing, spinning, and the maximum water temperature.


The choice of furniture for interior decoration at home is a complex, responsible, and time-consuming process. Home furniture items are designed to provide us with maximum comfort, make an effective impression, please the eye, be functional, ergonomic, and environmentally friendly, as well as serve flawlessly for many years. It remains to mention also about the compliance with fashion trends and the ability to perfectly fit into the overall design of the room in appearance. Agree, these requirements are simple, natural, and by no means excessive. However, finding and buying furniture that will meet all the expectations placed on it and will not cause ruin for the family budget is a difficult task.

We offer the widest range of branded furniture (upholstered and cabinet) with a bright personality from famous manufacturers. Exclusive design, high functionality, and impeccable quality of all elements, including fittings – these are the qualities that distinguish furniture from recognized world leaders.

Beautiful, high-quality, and functional furniture from world-famous brands, widely represented in our catalog, can transform the space and create a unique interior. She invariably attracts attention with her original and sometimes extraordinary appearance. Stylish designer collections from such famous brands as IKEA, Halmar, Signal, etc. are created taking into account the latest fashion trends in the field of furniture production.

  1. Branded furniture in the interior of your apartment can become a central accent, a dominant element, or an additional detail of the overall design, giving it exclusivity.
  2. Unique recognizable textures and shapes of products in our furniture store impress with their expressiveness, and a wide range of colors leaves a huge scope for a creative approach in interior design.
  3. One of the main features of the modern branded furniture series is the absence of unnecessary decor, laconicism, and minimalism. Buyers will be able to realize their design fantasies and decorate the premises in trendy style directions – hi-tech, loft, Scandinavian style.
  4. Functional and ergonomic furniture from famous brands is also distinguished by the highest quality of treatment of all surfaces – both external and internal.
  5. In the production of branded furniture, high-quality, modern, environmentally friendly materials are used – MDF, solid wood, chrome-plated steel and plastic elements, tempered glass, etc. Eco-friendly furniture does not contain harmful substances and toxic dyes do not cause allergies. Its quality is confirmed by international certificates and relevant hygienic certificates.
  6. Branded products from our furniture store are universal in their purpose. Models from different product categories can show off with equal success in city apartments and country mansions, in salons and office centers, in restaurants and clubs, in modest attics and fashionable premises.

Connoisseurs of classics and fans of fashionable extravagant solutions will find the best deals in our furniture store. Progressive technologies and the latest equipment, which are used by the leaders of the furniture market, provide an impeccable geometry of joints, high operational strength of products, and long service life of the furniture.

Lightning equipment

New collections, popular brands, exclusive chandelier models, handmade designer lamps – we offer all this to our clients. Luminaire manufacturers, as a rule, distinguish four main lighting styles: classic (empire, art nouveau, art deco, baroque, romanticism, etc.), modern (minimalism, hi-tech), country, and ethno. The wide range of products we represent allows us to offer you all of the above stylistic variety of light. With us, you can always pick up lamps of any of the existing styles.

Classic chandeliers are about impeccability in decoration and stylistic unity. Correct proportions, adherence to modeling rules, often along with rich finishes of expensive metals, crystal, and Murano glass. If you are an adherent of traditional notions of luxury, we recommend choosing lighting in a classic style. The classic brings a sense of festivity and luxury to large halls to lamps and chandeliers.

High-tech luminaires are simple and light, high-tech lighting relieves space. High-tech lighting emphasizes the importance of the shape and texture of the interior; for designers, this is the best option to focus on certain highlighted areas of the room. High-tech lighting is the use of multiple recessed lights or a combination of recessed and suspended halogen lamps. High-tech luminaires are not bulky and as practical as possible. However, do not think that chandeliers in this style are given the last place. High-tech chandeliers – the shine of chrome and metal surfaces or dark wood finishes, matte shades, or transparent lampshades – variations and originality are guaranteed.

The minimalism style is quite popular in interior and lighting technology. This is not always discreetness and restraint in performance. Minimalism brings the idea of ​​natural light to the lamps, taking into account all the subtleties in its zonal distribution.

Lighting factories adhere to certain stylistic features when designing chandeliers and lamps. We provide you with the widest selection of manufacturers in all directions. Our company is a team of professionals who do not limit themselves to answering customer questions but offer their customers only the best: full consultations on any manufacturer and its products provided on our website.